Twin Lakes trail takes you over the Potter Pass viewpoint to the gorgeous Lower, then Upper Twin Lake. You can access the trailhead by taking the 168 to Kaiser Pass Road, about 4 miles from the junction there is a parking lot with restrooms. Across from the Parking is the trailhead marked with a map. It is approximately 4 miles to the Lakes, beginning mostly uphill to the pass, then down as you make your way to the Lakes. This could easily be a day hike, though our first time on this trail we decided to backpack and stay for a night! I am definitely glad we did, as it was pretty magical to wake up there! If you plan to stay overnight, make sure to stop by the Eastwood visitor station for a permit on your drive over! I have seen young kids roughly 6 and up on this trail, but it is quite strenuous and does take a full day if you wish to enjoy your time at the Lakes and rest along the trail. I would allow at least 5-6 hours. This trail is also dog friendly; so don’t forget your leash! Fishing is supposed to be quite good here, we saw quite a few lucky fisherman on our last visit. Be sure to visit Upper Twin Lake, it is only 5 minutes past Lower Twin and definitely worth it! These clear blue Alpine lakes are a sight worth seeing; don’t miss this very rewarding hike in our beautiful Sierras!

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